Resources for Team Leaders

Are you thinking of leading an UMVIM team?  Or, perhaps you just want learn more about serving on an UMVIM team? Then attend an UMVIM Team Leader Training.

These training events will teach you UMVIM Best Practices, where volunteers are needed, United Methodist mission theology, logistics & budget guidelines, cultural sensitivity, answer insurance questions, provide forms, and allow you a chance to meet other mission minded people.

To find out about your annual conference’s UMVIM team leader training events or to request one, please contact your UMVIM Annual Conference Coordinator for upcoming trainings and mission events.

Why Team Leader Training is important?

We asked the people who host UMVIM teams and denominational leaders, “What difference does it make to work with a trained UMVIM Team Leader?”  They responded that UMVIM Trained team leaders are more likely to:

  • give the credit to God,
  • ground the experience and the relationships in prayer, Scripture, and faith in Jesus Christ,
  • commit to engaging their teams in critical reflection on the mission experience and on the team’s own spiritual growth,
  • use resources like UMVIM team registration and insurance as well as registering with the State Department STEP program for international destinations,
  • seek mutuality in the partnership,
  • develop and maintain good communication with their hosts,
  • focus on the people more than the project,
  • open be open to learning about another place and culture,
  • build up the local community/church where they are in mission instead of building up their own reputation,
  • allow others outside of their own group/church to join their team,
  • remain connectional – touching base with their conference and jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinators and sharing their stories when they return,
  • learn from the experiences of other team leaders,
  • make sure their teams are prepared to serve and remain physical and spiritual healthy while serving.
  • inspire confidence in the team members.