Team Insurance

Instructions for Applying for UMVIM Team Insurance


  • Decide amount of insurance you need.
    • International Teams: $10,000 $25,000 and $50,000 are the options are available.
      • (Person 80+ years of age are eligible for $10,000 only coverage
    • Domestic (US and Conference) Teams: $25,000 for the basic insurance plan for Domestic Teams

2018 Rate

  • For Domestic Teams (serving within the U.S.): $0.75 per person per day plus $5 person for processing fee.
  • For International Teams serving outside the continental U.S.:
    • $10,000: $2.00 per person per day.
    • $25,000: $2.25 per person per day.
    • $50,000: $2.50 per person per day.
      • Additionally, there is a $15/person administration fee for each team member on an International Team.
    • Have each team member must complete the Individual Insurance Application form.
    • Collect the forms and payment from each team member.
    • Complete the International Group Insurance Application spreadsheet OR complete the Domestic Group Insurance Application.
      • If members of your group are traveling on different dates or are applying for different rates of coverage, submit a separate spreadsheet for each set of travel dates and/or level of coverage.
      • Submit this spreadsheet even if you are a one-person team.
    • Submit the Group and Individual Applications to
    • Pay for your insurance by check or via PayPal.
      • PayPal is on the WJ website
      • To pay with check send a copy of the Group Spreadsheet with a check to: Debbie Irby, UMVIM WJ Treasurer at 52 Day Spring Loop, Helena, MT 59601

    • If you are within 14 days of departure you must you PayPal!

      For questions or more information contact Ronda at or call (509) 993-6753