Disaster Response

Pray, Donate, Prepare to Serve

First, PRAY for those who have been impacted by disasters including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, forest fires in the West, and the earthquake in Mexico.


  • Pray for the Early Response Volunteers, disaster coordinators, and many volunteers who are working tirelessly to provide relief.

Give to UMCOR’s relief and recovery effort

  • US Disaster Response, Advance #901670 at www.umcor.org. 100% of donations made through The Advance reach their intended target since overhead costs are funded by your generous donations on UMCOR Sunday each year.

Donate only those items request.

  • To keep relief supplies in stock, give to Material Resource Advance #901440 at www.umcor.org/donate

Prepare to Serve

As United Methodists, we serve when and where we are invited. The Western Jurisdictional Conference Disaster Teams have been working tirelessly to prepare for these and other disasters. The response begins locally through the Annual Conference that is affected and then is extended to the wider connection as needed.

Early response teams (ERT) are being trained and preparing to deploy to Texas at this time and other sites affected by Harvey and Irma when they are ready. These are specially trained Volunteer in Mission teams that respond during the relief phase.

For ERT training and any ERT teams that are being formed, contact your Conference Early Response Team Coordinators or go to your Conference Website.

Alaska – Contact Dan Wilcox. An ERT training is being planned for October in Anchorage.

California-Nevada – Go to the CA-NV Conference Website or contact Linda Caldwell or Shari Sandoval for more information.

California-Pacific – Contact Judy and Doug Lewis or go to the Cal/Pac Conference website for training information.

Desert Southwest – Go to the Desert Southwest Conference Website for a listing of the ERT trainings available the DSW Conference.

Oregon Idaho – Contact Becky Platt for ERT information or go to the Oregon-Idaho Conference Website

Pacific Northwest – Contact Kathy Bryson for information on ERT trainings and teams.

Rocky Mountain – Contact Betsy Keyack or Don Falvey for ERT Training and Jay Vestal for ERT Team information or go to Rocky Mountain Conference Website.

Yellowstone – Contact Debbie Irby for more information on ERT training.

Long Term Recovery Sites

As the Early Response Teams start to finish up their work and Long Term Recovery Organizations begin to take over, we will begin to list those sites who are ready for Long Term Recovery UMVIM sites.  Contact your Annual Conference Coordinators to be part of a team in your Conference.  They will have the most up to date information about sites and needs as well as team leader training.  A trained team leader is a very important part of any UMVIM Team.

 Prayer to Share

Lord of Heaven and Earth, we pray that as the storm rages and the flood waters rise you would allow us also to rise to the challenge of housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, comforting the grieving, and repairing the breach. We pray for those who are isolated and in danger, that you would hear their cries and send help. Give us the wisdom to know when we are called to act or pray or give or wait upon your guidance. And make us vigilant so that no one is left behind and all come to know your grace in the midst of disaster. Amen.